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  • Perimeter and internal security
  • Network and system hardening
  • Secure remote access
  • Endpoint protection



Expert advice from experienced professionals.

  • IT Security architecture consulting
  • Security posture assessment
  • Cloud security consulting
  • Penetration testing



Day to day duties or complex projects, Sevonix has the experience to help you manage your projects effectively.

  • Project management
  • NEW!! Assessment¬†as a Service
  • Day to day security related functions

What our Clients Say

``Sevonix was able to identify vulnerabilities in our production environment that would have spelled disaster if left unaddressed. Not only were the issues fixed but there was no impact to our business. Expertise at its best!``-
``We had no clue which of our PCI vendors needed to be assessed first. As far as we were concerned they were all a top priority. Sevonix helped us gauge the impact of each vendor by using some key triggers that made sense. We saved time, money and were able to prioritized the assessments accordingly.``-
``As a medium sized organization, we didn't think we were at much of a risk of being hacked. A firewall and the best anti-virus should have been enough, at least so we thought. After an incident we engaged Sevonix to advise us on the necessary steps to keep our data secure. The level of expertise brought to the table was indeed impressive. Sevonix showed us how to proactively meet threats head on and take the necessary steps to prevent them from occurring.``-


Superior performance equals exceptional delivery. Our extensive knowledge, real world experience and fresh ideas aim to achieve a single goal… results.


People are the key component of any security posture. Well informed staff helps ensure technology is properly utilized and data is kept secure. Sevonix can help you determine if your people are security conscience.


Are your processes optimized, repeatable, measurable and secure? Let us help you streamline and secure critical business processes with our world class knowledge and experience.


Ensuring technology is implemented and operating securely can mean the difference between retaining or loosing valuable customers. Our teams can help you implement, secure and maintain your technical infrastructure.

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